[etherlab-users] EtherCat Master 1.5.1 vs Xenomai - unable to find ec_rtdm

Paolo La Camera Paolo.La.Camera at tass.be
Fri Jul 13 11:18:12 CEST 2012

I  want to develop a real time application using RTDM driver for e1000 board in the customer's environment ( Linux Xenomai  + EtherCat Master 1.5.1 configured with --enable-rtdm --with-xenomaii-dir = XX ) but I have a really basic  problem (sorry to post here but I'm new with Ethercat and Xenomai and I was not able to find a solution on offial documentation or googling…).
In the end, the application should be really similar to the one present under examples/xenoami/ in the Ethercat download package. 
Looking at the README of the example it should be enough to preload the Ethercat RTDM module and then launch the application.
My problem is that the ec_rtdm module is not present in the system (and so modprobe ec_rtdm obviously fails and if I run the application, it fails to open the ec_rtdm0 via rt_dev_open … ). 
If I do an lsmod I just see: e1000e,e1000,e100, xeno_rtdm, xeno_posix …. but not the ec_rtdm (that is not present on my machine!).

Where can I find the ec_rtdm?  
If I  understand well, enabling --enable-rtdm option means that EtherCAT enables its RTDM interface and instead of e1000e or e100 or the generic one, the driver to be used should be the rtdm one? Is this correct? 
But in any case, the main problem for me is where to find  the ec_rtdm module in order to can load the Ethercat RTDM module...

Thanks in advance!

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