[etherlab-users] Metronix Drive

dgm dgm at baykitty.com
Sun Jun 10 09:42:02 CEST 2012

I am using a Metronix drive, Linux Ubuntu 10.1 and the generic driver version of the Master Driver 1.5.1.

Using the command line interface, I can see the Slave (Metronix drive) and I can upload and download various data to the drive correctly- at least it arrives and responds when I ask for it. But the command line commands for PDOs, Config and Domains don't see to respond at all.

When I check the system log, I see that the drive faults out in Pre-Op because it doesn't download the SDO dictionary- Metronix has already told me that the drive will not download the dictionary- is this preventing me from using the other commands?

Also- and it may be related- when I edit the user main.c in the examples directory to include a call to     I get no errors on the console, in fact, it reports that it configures the PDOS for the Metronix (which I derived from a TwinCat XML file), Starts the timer and sees a slave. AL states: 0x02 adn the Link is up. However, in the system log, I see a segfault at 10 (followed by the ip and sp) and an error 4 in libethercat.so.1.0.0. I suspect this is probably do to my own mis-interpretation of the XML file.

The command line interface never answers up on the PDOS, etc, whether I execute the examples/user file or not and this through ethercat restarts, resets and successive power cycles on the computer and drive.

Can anyone give me a clue to either problem or the Metronix drive?

I am new to Linux and Ethercat and Canopen, sorry.


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