[etherlab-users] skipped/unmatched datagrams - at startup - safe to ignore?

Matthieu Bec mbec at gmto.org
Mon Jun 11 23:45:52 CEST 2012

Hello all,

I'm experimenting with different NIC to better understand the pros, cons 
and tradeoff of different solution. My system has on-board e1000e, and a 
PCIe r8169, my test application runs in kernel cycled by hr-timer. I'm 
cranking up the frame rate looking how far it will reliably go and 
checking dmesg logs.

In all cases, there seems to be an intermediate frame rate where I get 
skipped/unmatched datagrams right after inserting my app. module, but 
quickly; once the master has found all the slaves (?) no more warnings 
show in the logs

I was wondering if it was safe to ignore those skipped/unmatched 
warnings? Should I plan some checks in my application to verify the pdo 
mapping, sdo config, etc have all been properly applied?


Matthieu Bec                GMTO Corp.
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