[etherlab-users] netx50 AssignActive

Raz Ben Yehuda rbenyehuda at manz.com
Wed Jun 20 10:37:41 CEST 2012


I am trying to launch etherlab master with netx50 slave example.
It appears that the slave is not getting any sync. so i tried to use
as depicted in the examples.

ecrt_slave_config_dc(sc_ana_in, 0x0700, 1000000, 440000, 0, 0);

but i do not have activeassign for hilscher netx.
xml does not produce any device-dc field ( see bellow ) 
I googled and i found this discussion:

$ ethercat xml

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
  <!-- Slave 0 -->
        <Type ProductCode="#x0000001a" RevisionNo="#x00000000">netX50
LOM Demo Example Packet API</Type>
        <Name><![CDATA[netX50 LOM Demo Example Packet API]]></Name>
        <Sm Enable="1" StartAddress="#x1000" ControlByte="#x36"
DefaultSize="128" />
        <Sm Enable="1" StartAddress="#x1080" ControlByte="#x32"
DefaultSize="128" />
        <Sm Enable="1" StartAddress="#x1100" ControlByte="#x74"
DefaultSize="2" />
        <Sm Enable="1" StartAddress="#x1358" ControlByte="#x30"
DefaultSize="2" />
        <RxPdo Sm="2" Fixed="1" Mandatory="1">
          <Name>RxPDO 1</Name>
        <TxPdo Sm="3" Fixed="1" Mandatory="1">
          <Name>TxPDO 1</Name>



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