[etherlab-users] FW: CX2100 Power Supply Unit, LCD control

Graeme Foot Graeme.Foot at touchcut.com
Thu Aug 22 09:55:34 CEST 2013


I'm using Beckhoff CX20x0 computers for our control system with CX2100-0004 power supply units.  The PSU also has an LCD display and navigation buttons.

I've written a user space utility that gives you access to the LCD, nav buttons and other PSU information (attached).  I based the utility on the "i2c Tools for Linux" which provides user space access to the i2c devices.  The same concepts can be used to create a kernel space module as the i2c-dev.h header uses the same function prototypes as the kernel space calls.

This information is available via the SMBus which for these PCs is an Intel QM67 which has a Series 6/C200 SMBus Controller.  I'm using Linux which doesn't support this chipset, so I've also attached a patch to enable it for this kernel.


Graeme Foot,
Kinetic Engineering Design Ltd.
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