[etherlab-users] WG: r8169 driver for 2.6.38 kernel

Olaf Holowenko holowenko at iwm.mw.tu-dresden.de
Thu Feb 28 11:23:31 CET 2013



while trying the 2.6.37-r8169-driver (Master V 1.5.1, Ubuntu 12.04, RTAI
3.9) I also got a lot of timeouts, mismatches, and errors. I downgraded my
system to 2.6.35 - and it works fine!


Just try to port the 2.6.35-driver!





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I would like to ask whether anyone has the patch for r8169 driver for the
2.6.38 kernel? In the repository, up to 2.6.37 is supported and then jumped
to 3.0.

2.6.38 is, until RTAI catches up with 3.*, the latest kernel supported by
RTAI and it would be nice if we had ethercat drivers for it too.

I tried applying the diff between the orig and ethercat versions of the
driver for 2.6.37, on the driver of 2.6.38 and fixed the conflicts, which
were rather trivial. However, starting the ethercat master results in many
timeouts, mismatches, errors and failures of all sorts, which leads me to
believe that simply applying the diff to the newer driver hadn't been

Even if not officially supported, perhaps someone here has already fixed the
driver for his own use. In that case, would you please share it? If not,
would the developers take (possibly small) time to come up with the driver?

Thank you,

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