[etherlab-users] How can I get "Data Type" from structure PDO entry in SII (EEPROM)

Ralf Ermes Ralf.Ermes at cae.de
Thu Feb 28 14:20:36 CET 2013

Hello everybody,

we use IgH EtherCAT-Master in our system to read out the SII-data of the slaves. Based on this data we automatically generate a mapping file to connect the data elements in the PDOs to the software labels in an existing Common Data Base. In order to do that we use the structure ec_ioctl_slave_sync_pdo_entry_t defined in ioctl.h, which provides us with the elements index, subindex, bit_length and name.

What we are missing there is the PDO Entry field "Data Type" (see Table 25 in ETG.1000.6 S (R) V1.0.2).

We discovered that there is a routine ec_slave_fetch_sii_pdos in the file slave.c which reads out the SII PDO information:

            entry->index = EC_READ_U16(data);
            entry->subindex = EC_READ_U8(data + 2);
            ret = ec_pdo_entry_set_name(entry,
                    ec_slave_sii_string(slave, EC_READ_U8(data + 3)));
            if (ret) {
                return ret;
            entry->bit_length = EC_READ_U8(data + 5);

Now we could add an element "data_type" to the structure ec_pdo_entry_t (in pdo_entry.h) and add a line to the code above:

            entry->data_type = EC_READ_U8(data + 4);

This should give us the index to the CoE Object Dictionary and for index values 0x0..0x1F a unique data type which we could then use in our mapper to declare the right data type for a PDO entry element.

So now my question after this long introduction: how can we access this modified structure in a similar way as we access the entry information provided by ioctl.c? Or is there a way to get our missing data type directly in ioctl.c?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Ralf Ermes

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