[etherlab-users] Master run mode fails on startup

Derrill Vezina dvezina at caron-eng.com
Mon Jan 21 17:47:33 CET 2013


My current setup is a Beckhoff EK1100 Bus coupler and a Beckhoff EL3068 8 channel analog input. Using the application interface, I have successfully run my software with the Ethercat Master on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on 2 other machines (identical hardware and OS / software to the one I am about to refer to). The 3rd box is where I am having issues for some reason.

When the master starts, the Ethernet activity lights on the bus coupler are blinking showing activity as well as the interface lights on the coupler. Following the master startup, the application interface initialization succeeds including setting up the domain for the devices, but for some reason when activating the master to start scanning (which does not return any errors), the Ethernet lights immediately go solid showing no activity (run lights remain blinking showing that the scan is not happening like it should). The run light on the coupler also remains blinking...and the EL3068 Lights remain blinking (showing no run mode).

Again, this is identical to two other in house Linux boxes that are running the same .iso and startup fine and go right into run mode and output the data correctly.

Here is my dmesg output when the master starts up and the application interface loads:

[   14.102061] EtherCAT: Master driver 1.5.1 0f7a243b03e4
[   14.102268] EtherCAT: 1 master waiting for devices.
[   14.115613] ec_generic: EtherCAT master generic Ethernet device module 1.5.1 0f7a243b03e4
[   14.115656] ec_generic: Binding socket to interface 3 (eth1).
[   14.128170] EtherCAT 0: Starting EtherCAT-IDLE thread.
[   14.128343] EtherCAT 0: Link state changed to UP.
[   14.133050] EtherCAT 0: 2 slave(s) responding.
[   14.133060] EtherCAT 0: Slave states: INIT.
[   14.133172] EtherCAT 0: Scanning bus.
[   14.591333] EtherCAT 0: Bus scanning completed in 456 ms.
[   14.593127] EtherCAT 0: Slave states: INIT, PREOP.
[   14.605032] EtherCAT 0: Slave states: PREOP.
[   16.130101] EtherCAT: Requesting master 0...
[   16.130110] EtherCAT: Successfully requested master 0.
[   16.130733] EtherCAT 0: Domain0: Logical address 0x00000000, 32 byte, expected working counter 1.
[   16.130742] EtherCAT 0:   Datagram domain0-0: Logical offset 0x00000000, 32 byte, type LRD.
[   16.130776] EtherCAT 0: Master thread exited.
[   16.130786] EtherCAT 0: Starting EtherCAT-OP thread.
[   16.132379] EtherCAT WARNING 0: No app_time received up to now, but master already active.

I am not sure if the warning has anything to do with what I am seeing. Has anyone else ever run into this issue? Or maybe could enlighten me with what this warning means? I am using the generic driver on all 3 boxes.

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