[etherlab-users] Ethernet driver support for kernel 3.5

Steffen Dalgard steffen.sint at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 15:39:28 CEST 2013


We have been able to get Ubuntu 12.04 with Xenomai patch to run at our

The procedure unvolves using a 3.5 kernel (not the original 3.2 kernel).

  Details can be found at

The 3.5 kernel is now the default kernel for Ubuntu 12.04.2 so I guess it
will be there for a while

When running the ./configure tool it fails

./configure --with-linux-dir=/lib/modules/3.5.7-xenomai-
--disable-8139too --with-xenomai-dir=$xenomai_root --enable-rtdm

error: kernel 3.5 not available for e1000e driver!

if i take out the e1000e option it configures but on the make install it

Anyone played with Etherlab and kernel 3.5?

Anyone having Xenomai running at kernel 3.2?

Is it worth trying compiling the 3.4 drivers with the 3.5 kernel?

Best regards
Steffen Dalgard
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