[etherlab-users] ec_e1000e driver not finding NIC? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

LYNCH, Damien dly at ansto.gov.au
Wed Nov 27 05:16:10 CET 2013


I am trying to set up the EtherLab master on a PC that has two Intel NICs: 1 x 82566DM-2 (which I am using for normal network traffic) and 1 x 82573L which I am trying to use for EtherCAT. The PC is running Linux 3.4.69 with the RT patch applied. I configured the master using "./configure --disable-8139too --enable-e1000e". After making and installing the master I modified /etc/sysconfig/ethercat specifying the MAC address for the 82573L and "e1000e" as the device module. When I start the service I see no flashing LEDs on my EtherCAT slave (Beckhoff EK1100 plus a couple of terminals). The following is in the system log:

Nov 27 15:05:07 (none) kernel: [ 6972.273067] EtherCAT: Master driver 1.5.2 unknown
Nov 27 15:05:07 (none) kernel: [ 6972.273537] EtherCAT: 1 master waiting for devices.
Nov 27 15:05:07 (none) ethercat[22728]: Starting EtherCAT master 1.5.2 ..done
Nov 27 15:05:07 (none) kernel: [ 6972.277191] ec_e1000e: EtherCAT-capable Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 1.9.5-k-EtherCAT
Nov 27 15:05:07 (none) kernel: [ 6972.277194] ec_e1000e: Copyright(c) 1999 - 2012 Intel Corporation.

Running lsmod shows:

Module                  Size  Used by
ec_e1000e             140582  0 
ec_master             239804  1 ec_e1000e

I assume I should be seeing more logging from ec_1000e? Does anyone have any ideas about what I am doing wrong?


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