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Shahbaz Youssefi shabbyx at gmail.com
Wed Nov 20 10:09:47 CET 2013

Once I tried to get them to implement an ecrt_domain_received function so
the turn around time of packets can be actually measured. Someone actually
did that and I extensively tested it. The patch was very simple.

Now get this WTF: the ethercat master developers said you don't need to
know when a packet arrives. A true WTF that one!

I still have the patch although it needs a bit of adaptation, in case they
come to their senses. Perhaps if others also mention it would be useful
they would accept that function.
Vào 19-11-2013 18:56, "Curt" <cfiene at cybermetrix.com> đã viết:

> Sorry for the newbie questions.
> I've downloaded built and installed the ethercat master 1.5.2.
> Used the generic driver to communicated with an Beckhoff EK1101 hub, EL1034
> digital input and EL2034 digital output.
> I then modified the ./example/user/main.c code to work with these modules.
> Seems to work OK.   I then  looped the digital out to a digital in to some
> basic performance testing.
> At a update rate of 1kHz (1 millisecond), it can detect a change on
> average of
> about 2 ms.    I increased the rate to 2kHz,  it can detect a change on
> average of 1ms, BUT, I see an occasional, "EtherCAT WARNING: Datagram
> da69fecc
> (domain0-0-main) was SKIPPED 1 time".   I don't see this warning at a 1kHz
> update rate.
> Are these reasonable results, and does this imply that the fastest rate I
> can
> expect without errors/warnings is 1 kHz?
> Would I get significantly better results using the Ethercat kernel module
> for
> my chipset?
> Thanks,
> Curt Fiene
> Cybermetrix
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