[etherlab-users] EtherCAT-Master on Raspberry Pi, Exec format error

Karsten Hoffmann khmauli at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 09:59:49 CET 2014


1. due to the fact that the ethernet on raspberry pi is realized over usb,
it is not the ideal platform for ethercat applications, ... but it works.

2. If you want to use raspberry pi for ethercat, the raspbian wheezy
distribution is also not the ideal OS, because it comes with a lot of

I also tried to compile ethercat master for an existing linux but never got
it to run.

In the end i decided to create a new small linux for the pi.

Therefore i used the buildroot system, it is quite easy to use,  in
principle you have to download buildroot, the linux kernel sources, the
linaro toolchain and ethercat sources, then inside buildroot make
raspberrypi_defconfig, configure buildroot for the toolchain and raspberry
kernel sources (you have to tell buildroot where to find these things) then

Takes a little time, after buildroot finished, you get your own linux
without all the overhead. Then you can compile the ethercat master for
these configured kernel sources and you're shure that kernel and ethercat
master are exact the same version.

Hope this is helpful, if you need further help, don't hesitate to ask me,
maybe via personal mail, because this is a linux thing not especially


Am 17.11.2014 18:27 schrieb "Thomas Reischl" <reischl.tomml at web.de>:

>   Hi all,
> I am trying to install the Ethercat-Master on a Raspberry Pi.
> I downloaded the tarball from the Etherlab site with ‘wget ....’ and did
> everything according to the intsructions.
> For ‘./configure --disable-e8139too’ it was necessary to download
> linux-headers for my kernel version 3.12.28+.
> After this everything was working (make, make modules, make install, make
> modules_install, cp...., ln...., insserv)
> However, if I try to start the service  (/etc/init.d/ethercat) with ‘sudo
> ./ethercat start’ it says:
>         Starting EtherCAT master 1.5.2 ERROR: could not insert
> ‘ec_master’: Exec format error
>             failed
> Vermagic of ‘modinfo iptable_nat’ and of ‘modinfo ec_master’ are exactly
> the same.
> I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, because I’m not very experienced
> regarding kernel modules.
> I am grateful about all kind of help.
> Best Regards,
> Thomas
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