[etherlab-users] Configuring Beckhoff EL6751

Stefan Laufmann Stefan.Laufmann at itpower.de
Wed Oct 22 17:59:36 CEST 2014


this is my first post on the list so please tell me if i'm missing some information you need.

I'm currently working at a project that involves the Beckhoff EL6751 Master Klemme and I am failing on configuring it via C-API.
I managed to get it in run mode with TwinCat but in the documentation I found the fact that even though there is a slave version of this device the master version should also be configurable as a CANopen slave. To achieve this would be nice because I'm using the CANopen Magic Software to and it can't get to see the EL6751 CANopen Master and I think this would change if the EL6751 would behave as a CANopen slave.

Any help is appreciated.

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