[etherlab-users] Problem of state machine on OMRON Servo Driver (R88D-KN04H-ECT)

damien damien at dmp.com.tw
Thu Apr 2 09:31:01 CEST 2015


I get stuck in changing state machine to SAFEOP or OP, and my EtherCAT 
slave is OMRON G5 Servo Driver. I run EtherCAT Master via RTL8111, and 
had already install Realtek driver.  First, I download 0x0006 to 0x6040 
and 0x08 to 0x6060, it follows CiA402 Drive Profile in OMRON manual. 
However, when I type "ethercat state -p0 SAFEOP", the slave display Err 
No. 90 (Communications Setting Error).

Here is my error message:

[ 9897.670992] EtherCAT 0: Master debug level set to 1.
[ 9900.352065] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: Changing state from PREOP to SAFEOP.
[ 9900.352079] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: Configuring...
[ 9900.352346] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: Now in INIT.
[ 9900.352355] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: Clearing FMMU configurations...
[ 9900.352437] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: Clearing sync manager configurations...
[ 9900.352531] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: Clearing DC assignment...
[ 9900.352623] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: Configuring mailbox sync managers...
[ 9900.352637] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: SM0: Addr 0x1800, Size 256, Ctrl 
0x26, En 1
[ 9900.352650] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: SM1: Addr 0x1C00, Size 256, Ctrl 
0x22, En 1
[ 9900.353168] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: Now in PREOP.
[ 9900.353181] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: SM2: Addr 0x1100, Size  12, Ctrl 
0x64, En 1
[ 9900.353193] EtherCAT DEBUG 0-0: SM3: Addr 0x1200, Size  28, Ctrl 
0x22, En 1
[ 9900.353722] EtherCAT ERROR 0-0: Failed to set SAFEOP state, slave 
refused state change (PREOP + ERROR).
[ 9900.353814] EtherCAT ERROR 0-0: AL status message 0x0028: 
"Synchronization not supported".
[ 9900.353997] EtherCAT 0-0: Acknowledged state PREOP.

Currently, I can enter operational mode with TwinCAT via omron's xml. I 
see one point in this xml file, that is

_/*<Behavior StartToSafeopNoSync="true" />*/_

What is the "StartToSafeopNoSync" means? Where can I set it in EtherCAT 
Master? Any help is appreciated.


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