[etherlab-users] EoE not working on ethercat-hg?

David S. Alessio david.s.alessio at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 23:35:12 CEST 2015


I’m hoping for some advice/help in getting EoE to work.

I’ve compiled and install ethercat-hg on a 3.2 kernel x64 system (Kubuntu 12.04).  I’m using the native Ethernet port with the “generic” device.  I can change the slave state, query SDOs, and
	$ ethercat eoe
 shows that the “eoe0s0” interface is up after assigning it an IP address with:
	$ ifconfig eoe0s0

dmesg shows:
	EtherCAT 0-0: eoe0s0 MAC address derived from NIC part of ecm0 MAC address

but it seems no ethernet packets are sent out on eoe0s0:
	echo “hello world.”  |  nc -u4 7

My EtherCAT slave was tested on a Windows-7 machine running TwinCAT 3.  I’m able to ping it and test its UDP Echo service on UDP port 7.

What am I missing?  

Thank you,
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