[etherlab-users] Problems to install on Pi3 - Raspbian

Fabian Beitler fabian.beitler at ei.thm.de
Sun Dec 11 19:53:38 CET 2016

Hello all,

I've got problems to install ethercat master on my Pi3 with Raspbian.

I've got a 4.4.34-v7+ kernel with the matching kernel headers (got them 
via apt-get install raspberrypi-kernel-headers).

My steps:

1) Get newest Version via hg.
2) Execute ./bootstrap
3) Execute ./configure --enable-tool --enable-generic --disable-8138too
4) Execute make doc #Some Errors appear, but it shouldn't be the point.
5) Execute sudo make install
6) Execute sudo make modules_install
7) sudo depmod

So good, so far and my kernel modules are under /lib/modules.

And now the trouble starts.

I googled a little bit and it was said that /etc/default/ is ca. the 
equivalent of /etc/sysconfig/. On the other hand I would interpret the 
manual that my folder with systemd is the right on.

Also 'ln -s etc/init.d/ethercat /etc/init.d/' doesn't seem to work well. 
In my inid.d folder is only a warning symbol and can't be executed via 

Ok I try to go further anyway:

pi at raspberrypi:~$ insserv ethercat
insserv: ethercat: No such file or directory

At this point their might be my error anywhere, but I've got no clue 
what to do and try to start something anyway.

So I edited my eth0 MAC-Adress and as DEVICE_MODULES I type in 

I execute 'ethercatctl start' via terminal and something seems to be 
Via dmesg I can see, that my I/O Slave is found and in PREOP, but I 
can't communicate with them via the command-line-tool.

Is there maybe an easier way for RPIs?
Did I make a (simple) mistake?

I hope you can help.



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