[etherlab-users] EL6751 SDO-Configuration

Matze Thias matze.thiasm at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 16:05:49 CET 2016


I am trying to configure the EL6751 at the moment, so that I am able to
send raw CAN messages over ethercat(
I took the configuration, which is done in terms of sdo-startup-downloads,
from one of the twincat dialogs. Which method for sdo configuration is the
right to choose?

If I use ecrt_master_sdo_download_complete for the different SDO-Objects to
upload, nothing happens. When using ecrt_slave_config_complete_sdo the
device error-led starts blinking(indicating, that some configuration is in
progress) but at the same time I get this:

Jan 19 15:50:06 e-node8 kernel: [611927.053364] EtherCAT ERROR 0-1: Failed
to set SAFEOP state, slave refused state change (PREOP + ERROR).
Jan 19 15:50:06 e-node8 kernel: [611927.059801] EtherCAT ERROR 0-1: Unknown
AL status code 0xF101.

Can anyone explain the error and has a solution for this? Maybe someone has
experience in getting the el6751 configured and work-ready for this
scenario and can share his insights :) ?


Matze Thias
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