[etherlab-users] Controlling motors in position controller mode

Graeme Foot Graeme.Foot at touchcut.com
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This module supports “64-fold” micro stepping.  So the number of counts per revolution for the Target Position is 200*64 = 12800 steps per revolution.


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I am using the EL7031 to control a motor using the position controller mode but I am having issues.

My steps per revolution are at the default of 200 using the setting 8010:06.

My cyclic function executes every 10ms. Every time the function executes, the target position (7010:11) is incremented by 2.

I would therefore expect to see the motor turning at one revolution per second but instead it is moving very slow. If I increment the target position by 150 every cycle, it seems to be turning at about 1 rev/s. I'm struggling to make sense of why this is.

By using the command line tool, no errors are reported, the motor is configured as expected and the full steps per revolution are 200.

Am I missing some other setting or something obvious?

I appreciate any help. Thanks
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