[etherlab-users] PD Watchdog error on EL7211

Graeme Foot Graeme.Foot at touchcut.com
Tue Jan 10 22:12:13 CET 2017


I originally had this problem with the amps I use so I created a patch to add a ecrt_master_deactivate_slaves() function.

When shutting down my application I call ecrt_master_deactivate_slaves() and continue realtime polling until (masterState.al_states == 0x02).  I can then exit realtime and call ecrt_master_deactivate().

I'm not sure if that part of my patch got picked up by etherlab or Gavin's patch set (see etherlab-dev forum).

I've attached the patch file I currently use.  You could extract out the bit you need.  (Note: I use and patch against etherlabmaster 1.5.2 2526.)



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Subject: [etherlab-users] PD Watchdog error on EL7211


When I quit my application by calling ec_master_deactivate, this causes an error of watchdog on the EL7211 slave.

If prior to quit my app I use the command line tool to do an 'ethercat states PREOP', I get rid of the problem, but this function is not available in ecrt.h.

Is it the right method ?

Philippe Leuba
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