[etherlab-users] Unmatched/Skipped Datagrams

Gary Grobe ggrobe at houstonmechatronics.com
Tue Dec 17 17:43:51 CET 2019

I am running the unofficial patches, and when I get past this mismatch, 
I'll go back to ec_igb and figure out what may have gone wrong, but my 
assumption was based on the following after running configure.

checking for kernel for igb driver... configure: error: kernel 4.19 not 
available for igb driver!

Thanks for the confirmation.

On 12/17/19 9:18 AM, Steve Hartmann wrote:
> Looks like it is included in the unofficial patch set that Gavin Lambert provides:   (https://sourceforge.net/u/uecasm/etherlab-patches/ci/default/tree/).
> On 12/16/19, 3:29 PM, "etherlab-users on behalf of Gary Grobe" <etherlab-users-bounces at etherlab.org on behalf of ggrobe at houstonmechatronics.com> wrote:
>      The ec_igb doesn't seem to be available for 4.19. If nothing else works,
>      I may try to roll back the kernel as a last resort, but according to
>      recent mailings, it would appear that others are running 4.19 LTS w/o
>      issue.

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