[etherlab-users] EtherCAT slave B&R X20 IF 10G3 goes into operatonal mode but doesn't update the process image

Matthias Bartsch mbartsch at aradex.com
Mon Feb 18 11:47:13 CET 2019

Hello @all!

I'm trying to use a "B&R X20 IF 10G3" EtherCAT  interface device with the IgH 1.5.2 EtherCAT master and Gavin's patch set 20171102.
The B&R device use the Hilscher EtherCAT slave implementation.
The configuration and startup  of the device seems OK and the device is going into operational state. But the working counter for the device isn't increased and no cyclic (PDO) communication is possible.
Access via SDO in preoperational state works.
I have checked the communication with TwinCAT and it's working. TwinCAT doesn't set any special SDO at startup and the addresses of the sync managers seems to be the same as the IgH stack uses.
I have also created a new SII eeprom image from the slaves ESI file but no success.
Has somebody faced already a similar situation?
I have logged the startup sequence with wireshark and itlooks like that TwinCAT configures every parameter each time  when it starts but the IgH stack doesn't do that (maybe because the settings from the SII memory are the same used for the communication?). I'm not so familiar in interpreting the wireshark log so maybe somebody can give me an advice what's maybe the problem.

Best regards

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