[etherlab-users] Multiple Domains

Gary Grobe ggrobe at houstonmechatronics.com
Thu Nov 14 00:59:22 CET 2019

I have a user-space app that discovers slaves on the network and 
dynamically builds the ec_pdo_entry_reg_t struct to be used in 
registration of PDO's for a domain based on a mix of discovery and user 
configuration. I've since found that it's quite difficult to pick data 
out of a single domain destined for multiple endpoints which has led me 
to consider the use of multiple domains as an option.

If I did go with multiple domains, the data in this case would be 
exchanged at the same frequency. My reasoning for considering multiple 
domains is so that each endpoint receives only the data required for 
that endpoint.

I was hoping to get some recommended guidelines when it comes to 
implementing multiple domains, up to how many, what are the impacts on 
performance (whether same or different frequencies), etc...? Any 
suggestions/advice much appreciated.

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