[etherlab-users] Kollmorgen AKD drive doesn't like to be last

Gavin Lambert gavin.lambert at tomra.com
Wed Nov 6 22:31:31 CET 2019

Try running "ethercat slaves -v" against one specific AKD slave (in a working network) and see whether its ports are configured for auto-close or manual close.  Compare it with other slaves, if possible.

Usually slaves should default to fully auto, so that they will loop packets back when there's no other downstream slave.  But they can be configured to manually keep a port closed even when they detect a new downstream slave (to avoid disrupting the network until you're ready to configure it) or to keep it open even if there's no slave (which is normally a bad thing, but maybe there's some reason it might be useful?).  Perhaps this latter is the case for your drives?

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Subject: [etherlab-users] Kollmorgen AKD drive doesn't like to be last

I have several Kollmogen AKD drives that work perfectly anywhere on my ring except the last position. If an AKD is at the end of the "row", it doesn't seem to be turning the frames around properly. Is this some configuration option I'm missing? I've never seen this behavior from other motor drives...

Thanks for any insights!

H. Sparks

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