[Etherlab-users] frozen system

Sebastien BLANCHET blanchet at iram.fr
Wed Aug 26 17:35:29 CEST 2020


Unfortunately, I have not tried yet ec_e1000e on Linux Kernel 4.19-rt,
but, if it may help you, I can confirm that it works well with Linux 
Kernel 4.14-rt.

This is my configuration:
- Debian 10 i386 with a custom kernel 4.14.155-rt70a
- IgH EtherCAT Master + Gavin's patchset 20190904 
- I use both ec_r8169 and ec_e1000e drivers

and it works very well.

- I use i386 kernel because I need a single kernel that is compatible 
with all the computers I have.
- I cannot use a standard Debian kernel because I need also VME bridge 
- The latest Linux kernel version in Gavin's patchset that supports both 
ec_r8169 and ec_e1000e is 4.14. Therefore I cannot use a more recent 
kernel for the moment.
- For ec_e1000e, I use "Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit"

Sebastien BLANCHET

On 8/26/20 11:33 AM, BUSSIERES Vincent wrote:
> I add, the I’m not using generic driver but e1000e driver.
> Best regards
> *Vincent BUSSIERES*

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