[etherlab-users] Beckhoff AX5000 - How to get rid of AX5801 safety card?

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Slidely offtopic: 
Beckhoff AX5000 runs with Sercos-Over-Ethernet-Profile?
Does it support Ethernet-Over-Ethercat? Did you have any problems?

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On Sun, Feb  2 '20 at 19.53 NZDT, Hugh Sparks <hugh at csparks.com> wrote:
> The drive came (from eBay) with a TwinSAFE option card: AX5801
> ...
> So I powered down, removed the option card, and restarted. An error is
> immediately displayed on the LCD:

I don't have it in front of me, but the AX5000s ship with a dummy card 
that bridges a few pins together (perhaps hard-wiring what the pair of 
safety relays on the AX5801 do). I suspect the drive won't run without 

As this is not strictly on-topic for Etherlab, I'll send you off-list a 
picture of the dummy card tomorrow. I think I have one sitting on my 
desk at work. It would be trivial to replicate and bridge out the 
connector pins if you can't get hold of a dummy card easily.

> P-0-2000 Configured safety option
> ...
> How can I get rid of the AX5801 so the drive will operate?

You're on the right track with P-0-2000, but I think your best bet is to 
stick with the AX5801, especially as this is the `dumb' non-TwinSAFE 
card, so you just need to wire it up as per the manual.

For the AX5801, I believe the correct value for P-0-2000 is 3.

Sometimes the easiest way to figure this stuff out is to run the 
hardware from TwinCAT---it's a free download after all, no need to call 
up the local sales rep and feign interest like some other unnamed 
automation manufacturers.
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