[etherlab-users] Compiling error caused by message block in etherlab_lib

Richard Hacker ha at igh.de
Tue Feb 25 13:36:20 CET 2020

Hi Amos

Simulink/EtherLab depends heavily on pdserv. The versions you have 
deployed are not compatible with one another.

I am also not convinced that you are using etherlab-2.1 from 
etherlab.org, because the message block was not available in that version.

I am worried why you report having problems installing from

That should work without problems. I only had warnings about unknown gpg 
keys when installing software from the repository, but that seems to be 
a problem with zypper.

# zypper ar 
# zypper ref etherlab
# zypper in etherlab pdserv-devel
# /usr/share/etherlab/install.sh $MATLAB_ROOT

Do the usual Matlab installation from Matlab prompt:
 >> run $MATLAB_ROOT/rtw/c/etherlab/setup_etherlab.m

Make sure there is nothing left over from previous pdserv-devel 
installations, especially /usr/local/include/pdserv.h

Recompile your model and you should be set.

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Richard Hacker


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Am 25/02/2020 um 10.24 schrieb Merkel, Amos:
> Hi Richard,
> Thanks for helping me! You will find both files attached.
> I tried the whole thing on two computers.
> On one Computer, I have got installed:
> 	pdserv version 1.1.0-lp151.4.1, pdserv-devel version 3.1.0-lp151.3.1 and etherlab-devel version 2.2.0-lp151.16.1 from the suse repository, installing the etherlab package from the repo did result in some error during installation, so I used the source from etherlab.org and compiled it manually - I had completely forgotten about that. It is version 2.1. (according to the NEWS file in the source directory)
> The etherlab bundle on the second one is built manually and has got installed pdserv version 1.1.0 and etherlab version 2.1
> Greetings
> Amos

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