[etherlab-users] ec_igb memory leak?

Gary Grobe ggrobe at houstonmechatronics.com
Thu Mar 12 21:56:38 CET 2020

Has anyone else noticed memory leaks when loading the ec_igb mod?

I'm running a 4.19.106 LTS release with RT 44 and Etherlabs 1.5.2 with 
patch 20190904. I've tested every RT release as far back as 4.19.82 with 
the same results. I have had days of running the master without issue 
when used with ec_generic and ec_e1000e.

In this case, it appears to be the ec_igb driver.

I'll boot the kernel without any of the Etherlab modules and watch the 
used memory in top while performing no other tasks. It'll stay quite 
stable for as long as I run it. Then I'll add in the ec_master module 
and other than a slight bump, it'll stay quite stable for as long as I 
run it.

Then I'll add the ec_igb module and that's when the used mem will 
continuously increase. Within 5 minutes I noticed an increase of 55320KiB.

I find it strange I've not heard other reports about this happening, but 
would like to know if anyone else has thoughts on this.


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