[etherlab-users] foe_write returns error

Pierre Kurkdjian pkurkdjian at gmto.org
Wed May 27 19:19:47 CEST 2020

Hello Etherlab Ethercat community,

I am trying to update the ethercat firmware of a Beckhoff slave using the command “ethercat foe_write”.

I set the ethercat slave to the right state (BOOT state) and then I run the command “ethercat foe_write”. Unfortunately I get an error message (“Failed to write via FoE: FOE_TIMEOUT_ERROR”) and I don’t know whether the firmware has been updated or not.

This is what I do:

$ ethercat -p0 state INIT

$ ethercat -p0 state BOOT

$ ethercat foe_write -p0 -o ECATFW__ the_new_firmware.hex

Failed to write via FoE: FOE_TIMEOUT_ERROR

Notice: the file named “the_new_firmware.hex“ really  exists. If I enter the name of a non-existing file then I get a different error message.
Did someone get the same issue. Thank you for your help.

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