[Etherlab-users] dynamic PDO unmapping

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No, not without deactivating the master and reconfiguring it.  But for the master to know that it needs to do that, you'd have to have your safety routine communicate a fault back to the master, in which case you can tell it to change its normal PDO output to a safe value instead of stopping communication.  Usually this will take at least one cycle to get the status update, so you probably can't avoid sending the "wrong" value at least once.

Meanwhile the servo slave itself, when it detects a fault condition, should go into a state where it ignores whatever values the master is sending (unless it considers them "safe" for its fault condition), bridging the time between when the fault is detected and when the master notices and updates its outputs.

(If this isn't your own slave device then you should probably be asking the slave vendor how to do this sort of thing properly.)


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I'd like to unmapp PDOs dynamically or to stop sending PDO data to a particular slave. 
My EtherCAT network includes 6 slaves, among them digital inputs / outputs modules and servodrives modules.
I have developped safety functions embeded into the servodrives modules. For instance, in case of emergency stop, the embeded program reads digital safety emerency input and configures a torque setpoint to stop the motor very quickly. 
The problem is that EtherCAT master sends PDO frames continuously to all the slaves, in particular torque setpoint PDO to servodrive. Therefor the setpoint configured in embeded program is replaced by the one sent by EtherCAT master.
So I'd like to know if it is possible to stop sending temporarly PDO to a particular slave or unmapp these PDOs.
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