[Etherlab-users] dynamic PDO unmapping

Sebastien BLANCHET blanchet at iram.fr
Thu Sep 17 12:29:03 CEST 2020


I think that it would be preferable to stop the drive without 
breaking/modifying the EtherCAT communication, so that you can continue 
to monitor the drive when it is stopping.

Which servo drive do you have ?

If you have a Kollmorgen AKD,

- You can configure DRV.DISMODE to trigger a controlled stop when the 
drive is disabled. In this case you can stop the motion by disabling the 
drive with the ControlWorld Object (0x6040:0x0),

- You can also trigger a MACRO with a digital input. In this case it 
opens many other possibilities.

Sebastien BLANCHET

On 9/17/20 10:14 AM, BUSSIERES Vincent wrote:
> Thank you for your answers. I'll try to place each slave into its own domain and I'll keep you informed of the result.
> To my mind, the best solution, would be the servo slave itself, when it detects a fault condition, should go into a state where it ignores whatever values the master is sending. I have already asked to the slave vendor, I'm still waiting for his answer. I don't this it will be possible
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