[Etherlab-users] Running a large number of slaves

Geller, Nir nir.geller at servotronix.com
Sun Apr 25 15:06:58 CEST 2021

Hello Florian,

Thanks for your reply,

I tried the official version of the ethercat master, branch stable-1.5, commit 0ece56739bf56c05bacc5de8fefa455197f4ff3c, and the result is different.
For PDO communication I'm getting what looks like 2 datagrams, 1 LRW and 1 LRD
[ 1013.015094] EtherCAT DEBUG 0: Adding datagram pair with expected WC 5.                                                                                                      
[ 1013.015100] EtherCAT DEBUG 0: Adding datagram pair with expected WC 1.

Communication doesn't stop, and according to a wireshark capture it does look like 2 frames are sent consecutively, but still there are errors and the slaves don't rise to OP.

[ 1015.092021] EtherCAT DEBUG 0: Datagram f18f060c already queued (skipping).                                                                                                  
[ 1015.092027] EtherCAT DEBUG 0: Datagram f18f0c0c already queued (skipping).

Then a rescan and slave configuration takes place again, and the system never stabilizes.

I didn't have time to examine the official code properly to find out what is going wrong...

When trying only 1 ecat slave with a large PDO domain, everything works as expected.



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On Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 01:39:10PM +0000, Geller, Nir wrote:
> My suspicion is that in master.c, ec_master_send_datagrams(), the 
> following piece of code

does this also happen with the original code without the patchset?

Best regards,

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