[Etherlab-users] Configuring EL7047 stepper driver

Fontana Nicola ntd at entidi.it
Mon Jul 26 07:20:46 CEST 2021

Il giorno lun, 26/07/2021 alle 04.54 +0000, Gavin Lambert ha scritto:
> ...
> It's not really something you can do from a bash script.

Hi Gavin,

yes, I learnt it the hard way. That particular device has fixed PDO
mappings and settings, i.e. all 0x1[468A]? entries are read-only. The
only relevant parameters I can touch are the PDO assignement registers.
Coming from CANopen I thought anything can be done by just manipulating
the object dictionary but... well, this is not the case.

Thank you again.

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