[Etherlab-users] Etherlab patch with SII_PATH

Graeme Foot Graeme.Foot at touchcut.com
Fri Jun 25 00:04:09 CEST 2021

Hi James,

The patch is part of Gavin Lamberts patch set:

Specifically: features/sii-file/0001-load-sii-from-file.patch

Adds the ability to override the slave's SII data with a file (useful if the slave's SII EEPROM is too small to hold the correct data).

The functionality is disabled by default.
At configure time, you can use --enable-sii-override to activate it, using the standard udev/hotplug lookup process.
At configure time, you can use --enable-sii-override=/lib/firmware (or another path) to activate it using a direct loading method.
It will cooperate as expected with features/sii-cache, although note that it’s not as efficient as it could be (it will reload some of the values that features/sii-cache already read when checking the SII cache; but trying to improve this would make the code really awkward).


From: James Benway <James.Benway at gleeble.com>
Sent: Friday, 25 June 2021 02:03
To: Graeme Foot <Graeme.Foot at touchcut.com>
Subject: Etherlab patch with SII_PATH

Hi Graeme,

I am working on an etherlab project which requires a slave that does not support rewriting of the sii information and the slave is missing default PDO/sync information.  I have come across an old etherlab-users thread<https://etherlab-users.etherlab.narkive.com/wSM75pfA/problem-reading-sii-configuration-from-slave> in which you discuss a patch of the etherlab master with support of optional slave configuration via local ESI files.  Do you still happen to have access to this source code?  If so, would you be so kind as to let me know where I can find it so I do not have to reinvent the wheel?

Thank you!

James Benway
Senior Embedded Systems Engineer
Dynamic Systems Inc.
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