[Etherlab-users] Estun EE-R0: Invalid input configuration

Eibach, Dirk Dirk.Eibach at cloos.de
Mon Mar 8 08:47:00 CET 2021

Hi Richard,

>  > Dude,
> This is an open technical forum. Please use appropriate respectful language.

sorry, this was not meant to be disrespectful. So Gavin, if you felt offended, please take my apologies. I was just trying to express that this was not meant to be taken too seriously.

>  > every defect gets respect! ... just because they are a little out of spec ;)
> No, definitely not! Gavin is absolutely right. If an EtherCAT slave does not
> conform to specification, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DISTRIBUTE it. You as a
> customer have the right to request the Certificate of Conformance from a
> vendor when buying an EtherCAT device. He must produce a valid, up-to-
> date certificate, otherwise he's in breach with the contract he signed with
> Beckhoff when obtaining his Vendor ID. It is in the keen interest of Beckhoff
> that only conforming slaves are on the market. It is a simple as that.
> So, if it cannot handle SDO's, it is non-conforming and you should not use it!

As always there is more one on way to look at it:

As a businessman(which I am certainly not) I see an IO-system that is an order of magnitude cheaper than the Beckhoff counterpart.

As an engineer I see a slave device that is not conforming to spec so it should obviously not be used to stay out of trouble.

As a hacker I see a nice challenge to get this working nonetheless.

As a customer I see two Ethernet masters, one is working in a setup, one is not.

I certainly will drop the developers at Estun a message that there is a problem with their slave implementation.


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