[Etherlab-users] Problems installing from repo

Richard Hacker ha at igh.de
Wed Mar 17 13:44:27 CET 2021

On 2021-03-17 13:32, Merkel, Amos wrote:
> @ Richard: Shouldn't Florian's solution solve any problems with 4.4-rt kernels? Or do you expect this to be a general problem with 15.2? I did not notice any problems with the 5.3-rt kernel I have installed right now.
At the time I was trying it out, I didn't have the resources trying 
different combinations. I just wanted to document my experience in case 
others go the same route.

My own 5.x-rt kernels (5.4 & 5.10) were more successful booting, but had 
other problems... there were sleep()s in the i916 driver while holding 
locks :( Boo!

I have no experience using openSUSE's RT-kernel, you may be more 
successful it.

In my specific case, I reverted to 15.1 with the 4.4-rt kernel and lived 
with that, but that is not the way forward.

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