[Etherlab-users] Best filesystem for DLS?

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I have never tried, but couldn't you simply manually define a higher bytes-per-inode ratio with mkfs.ext4 -i ?

Arch-Wiki has some explanations on the topic: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Ext4#Bytes-per-inode_ratio



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Short version:
What is the best filesystem for DLS data ?

Long version:
I am running DLS to archive a lot of signals (about 20K), and I am facing an issue with the number of files.

I have a 1TB EXT4 filesystem to store the data. It is 50% full but there is no more free inodes, because DLS creates many files and directories.
According to the output of “df -i”, DLS has already created about 78M of files.

I understand that I have to switch to another filesystem that supports a bigger number of files.
And I wonder, what is the best filesystem for such a case.

Sebastien BLANCHET
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