[Etherlab-users] EL3356 steady state always off

Tom Wong-Cornall tom at wongcornall.com
Tue May 18 10:28:04 CEST 2021

On Mon, May 17 '21 at 22.04 NZST, Mike O'Connor <mike at oeg.com.au> wrote:
> Does such a thing exist in the open? We have been slowly working one a slave
> XML processor for our Clockwork (https://github.com/latproc) control
> language, but its not finished.

LinuxCNC's EtherCAT stuff [1] has a parser for this, which is where I 
got the idea to add something similar to our proprietary codebase. Not 
suitable for us, as GPL-2.0 naturally and uses Expat as an XML parser 
instead of what we use, but it all looks well written and handles both 
CoE and SoE startup lists. It's not complicated to write your own when 
you realise half the elements in the startup list files are irrelevant.

[1]: lcec_conf_icmds.c in <https://github.com/sittner/linuxcnc-ethercat>

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