[Etherlab-users] Master Memory Overflow

Chad Woitas CWoitas at rmd-engineering.com
Thu May 27 23:53:49 CEST 2021


 I'm new to Ethercat and slowly figuring this out. I'm using it in tandem with Linuxcnc.

Running The linuxcnc ethercat driver it appears the memory is overflowing for io.process_data;

I added a couple lines for debugging in lib/master.c :: ecrt_master_activate
 fprintf(stderr, "Failed to map process data: %ld\n",

chad at CHAD-I7-LINUX:~/Downloads/ethercat$ halrun
halcmd: loadusr -W lcec_conf ~/conf.xml
halcmd: loadrt lcec
Note: Using POSIX realtime
Failed to map process data: 0
Failed to map process data: Cannot allocate memory
Failed to map process data: -120615566573566
LCEC: failed to activate master 0
lcec: rtapi_app_main: Invalid argument (-22)
<stdin>:2: waitpid failed /usr/bin/rtapi_app lcec
<stdin>:2: /usr/bin/rtapi_app exited without becoming ready
<stdin>:2: insmod for lcec failed, returned -1

Build information:
latest from GitLab
./configure --disable-8139too
make all modules
sudo make modules_install install
uname -r
No errors appearing in dmesg
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