[etherlab-dev] [PATCH] FoE omnibus patch

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Thu Jan 23 07:53:54 CET 2014

Quoth Dave Page:
>      The attached patch against 51ad16e57f8f includes Gavin Lambert's
> FoE patches as folows:
>      And includes a one-liner PacketNo read busy sequence patch as well
> as a FoE spurious timeout patch.

There's an error in the spurious timeout part of the patch.

In ec_fsm_foe_state_ack_check, the patched code uses datagram->jiffies_received instead of fsm->datagram->jiffies_received.  The latter is the received packet, while the former is a "recyclable" packet intended for the outgoing request.

(This is actually a regression from commit 8bb574, which fixed the bug a different way; so 51ad16 should have worked as-is, although I think I prefer use of "time_after" as it keeps the multiplies away.)

I've attached a modified version of the omnibus patch which fixes that, plus some minor reformatting.  I've verified that the code compiles with the patch but not against slave hardware as yet.  (Also, my patch was against f8b779, but it should still apply cleanly to 51ad16 as that file hasn't been changed since then.)

Florian, if you'd prefer that these patches be separated (either as a series or independent), let me know; I can do that pretty quickly.

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