[etherlab-dev] Support for multiple mailbox protocols

Knud Baastrup kba at deif.com
Tue Jun 24 15:13:09 CEST 2014

Hi !

I just discovered that the provided patch included a hardcoded mailbox size that I have now replaced with a dynamic allocated buffer. I have attached a new patch (ethercat_152_stable_mailbox_1.patch) that fully replaces the prior patch (ethercat_152_stable_mailbox.patch).


Knud Baastrup

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Hello Florian, Gavin, Frank (and others facing the lack of support for multiple mailbox protocols)

I have like Frank Heckenbach and Gavin also struggled with the lack of support for multiple mailbox protocols and came up with an alternative solution to the one provided by Frank in patch 9-10-11.

I have attached the patch that is based on the stable-1.5 branch. The patch should support all the mailbox protocols, but has only been tested with CoE, EoE and FoE.

I will in few lines try to summarize the patch:
In this patch I accept that a mailbox read request (e.g. FP-RD) for a given mailbox protocol can return data from any other mailbox protocol running at the same time. The data returned by a read datagram is therefore stored in a separate buffer for each mailbox protocol instead of the datagram data buffer. The mailbox state machines will check and fetch the data from their own buffer instead of the datagram buffer (that is no longer used for mailbox read data). A check_mbox flag is introduced to track when a given slave has an ongoing mailbox read request. In normal case the mailbox state machine will run as previously if no mailbox read request is ongoing, but if a mailbox read-request is ongoing (check_mbox flag is set) it will check its own mailbox buffer (as the ongoing mailbox read request might have returned its data) and otherwise wait until the read request is done and it gets the opportunity to reserve the mailbox for its own read request.

Venlig hilsen / Best regards,
Knud Baastrup
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