[etherlab-dev] Problem to get VoE Data (Etherlab master patchset 20160804)

Christoph Schroeder christoph.schroeder at helmholtz-berlin.de
Wed Jan 18 17:25:52 CET 2017


I am currently testing the patchset 20160804 and encountered a problem
introduced by 0005-Support-for-multiple-mailbox-protocols.patch. It's
not possible to retrieve the data via the libraries
"ecrt_voe_handler_data" function anymore after a successful
ecrt_voe_handler_read. I still get the correct data size but there is no
data found at the returned pointer address.

I guess this is the problem:
"The mailbox state machines will check and fetch the data from their own
buffer instead of the datagram buffer (that is no longer used for
mailbox read data)."

The data seems to be stored somewhere else now and the function still
returns a pointer to a datagram buffer. Communication still works and
the data is there inside the master as debuglevel=1 prints the correct
data into the kernel log. I found the lines were this is done in the new
introduced "ec_voe_handler_state_read_response_data", but how can I
access the data from the library without using ioctl calls from my user
application? I would appreciate any hint or an update of the patch.

Thanks and best regards,


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