[etherlab-dev] Problem to get VoE Data (Etherlab master patchset 20160804)

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Thu Jan 19 01:09:00 CET 2017

On  19 January 2017 05:26, quoth Christoph Schroeder:
> I am currently testing the patchset 20160804 and encountered a problem
> introduced by 0005-Support-for-multiple-mailbox-protocols.patch. It's not
> possible to retrieve the data via the libraries "ecrt_voe_handler_data"
> function anymore after a successful ecrt_voe_handler_read. I still get the
> correct data size but there is no data found at the returned pointer address.
> I guess this is the problem:
> "The mailbox state machines will check and fetch the data from their own
> buffer instead of the datagram buffer (that is no longer used for mailbox
> read data)."
> The data seems to be stored somewhere else now and the function still
> returns a pointer to a datagram buffer. Communication still works and the
> data is there inside the master as debuglevel=1 prints the correct data into
> the kernel log. I found the lines were this is done in the new introduced
> "ec_voe_handler_state_read_response_data", but how can I access the
> data from the library without using ioctl calls from my user application? I
> would appreciate any hint or an update of the patch.

Try the following changes (sorry, can't generate a patch right now):

  * voe_handler.c:372:  "mbox_coe_data" should be "mbox_voe_data".

  * voe_handler.c:500:  add:
         memcpy(voe->datagram.data + EC_MBOX_HEADER_SIZE, data, data_size);

  * voe_handler.c:608:  same here.

Give this a try and let me know if it helps, or if further changes are required, and I can update the patchset accordingly.

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