[etherlab-users] Use EtherCAT in Etherlab

Andy Rohr andy.rohr at mindclue.ch
Thu Apr 23 21:59:22 CEST 2009


I managed to run a minimal Etherlab System based on the bundle 1.6. I made a "handcoded C 
application" using the C-API based on the given skeleton. Now I would like to make use of the 
EtherCAT-Master and get some data from EtherCAT slaves. The app_main.c has a function TaskStep where 
the cyclic task is implemented. I this the point where I should use the EtherCAT-master (doing 
things like in function "run" of the rtai_sample.c)? How are EtherCAT-master and the realtime-task 
brought together without using Simulink?

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