[etherlab-users] cycle frequency and unmatched datagrams

Juri Gerke juri.gerke at afpt.de
Mon Apr 19 13:36:50 CEST 2010


I try to set the maximum  cycle frequency using the user example.
The master is connected with one EK1110(coupler) and one EL3102(analog input) from Beckhoff.
If the define: frequency is set to 100, the cycle operation works fine. But at a frequency of 1000 and above
I get warnings about unmatched datagrams. If the  frequency is set to 1000, does it mean that the function
cyclic_task() will be execute every 1ms? It doesn`t matter which value I choose for frequency , I never get  output warnigs about "skipped"  datagrams. Any Hints what`s wrong with my system?

My system:
Intel Pentium M 1,8GHz
512 MB Memory
Debian 5.0.4
Kernel with rtai
e100 PRO/100 Network Driver

Kind regards

Juri Gerke

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