[etherlab-users] Slave states: SAFEOP, OP + ERROR

Newell Jensen pillar2012 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 19:21:45 CEST 2011


We are using the most recent stable-1.5 branch on Ubuntu 8.04 with
2.6.31-11-rt kernel (SMP PREEMPT RT).  We have been controlling our robot
for days at a time but we keep getting errors that shut the device down.
 These errors have been hard to track and we are hoping someone on this list
might be able to help us out.  What essentially happens is that after a
random amount of time (sometimes a couple days, a day, or less than a day),
it seems that the slaves go into a SAFEOP state from OP.  Using dmesg, this
is what we are left with:

[273355.524040] EtherCAT 0: Domain 0: Working counter changed to 12/19.
[273355.533039] EtherCAT 0-12: Acknowledged state SAFEOP.
[273355.586136] EtherCAT 0: Slave states: SAFEOP, OP + ERROR.
[273355.600034] EtherCAT 0-4: Acknowledged state SAFEOP.
[273355.657036] EtherCAT 0-5: Acknowledged state SAFEOP.
[273355.703033] EtherCAT 0-6: Acknowledged state SAFEOP.
[273355.748033] EtherCAT 0-8: Acknowledged state SAFEOP.
[273355.768111] EtherCAT 0-9: Acknowledged state SAFEOP.
[273355.791135] EtherCAT 0: Slave states: OP.

As you can see the slaves for some reason have error-ed out to SAFEOP before
being put back to the OP state.  The problem is, our robot has interlocks
and this ERROR -> SAFEOP -> OP transition puts our robot into an idle state
which we cannot have.


1.  What could be causing all the slaves to jump to SAFEOP?
2.  Is it possible to figure out what the ERROR is that is causing this?

Thanks for any help... it is greatly appreciated.

Newell Jensen
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