[etherlab-users] Sniffing ethercat

Henry Bausley hbausley at deltatau.com
Thu Feb 17 17:49:34 CET 2011

Most of my HUB's would did not work with ethercat.  One that did was the
Netgear FS605 v3, I have been told the FS608 v3 also works.  I  use a
different PC for capturing over wireshark myself.

On Thu, 2011-02-17 at 16:47 +0100, Thomas Paoloni wrote: 
> Hi all,
> This is my first post here, I'm new to Ethercat so, please, excuse me 
> for my first questions in this ml.
> Here is my basic question ...
> I'm playing with etherlab master and a Beckhoff BK1011 slave with some 
> digital I/O, I've read about the possibility to sniff ethercat traffic 
> so to learn how to handle certain specific SDO or other not clear 
> features of slaves.
> My question is: how do I connect to ethercat network in order to be able 
> to sniff the traffic ?
> I mean, phisically, where I can connect my notebook running Wireshark ?
> to the last slave ?
> do I need a HUB or some other specific hardware ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Thomas Paoloni
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