[etherlab-users] Sniffing ethercat

Thomas Paoloni thomas at digithom.it
Thu Feb 17 16:47:34 CET 2011

Hi all,

This is my first post here, I'm new to Ethercat so, please, excuse me 
for my first questions in this ml.
Here is my basic question ...
I'm playing with etherlab master and a Beckhoff BK1011 slave with some 
digital I/O, I've read about the possibility to sniff ethercat traffic 
so to learn how to handle certain specific SDO or other not clear 
features of slaves.
My question is: how do I connect to ethercat network in order to be able 
to sniff the traffic ?
I mean, phisically, where I can connect my notebook running Wireshark ?
to the last slave ?
do I need a HUB or some other specific hardware ?

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Paoloni

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