[etherlab-users] Created scicoslab block

simone monteleone simone.monteleone at alice.it
Wed Jan 26 09:56:57 CET 2011

Hi Andreas,

thanks for explain the important difference about the two approach:
1. codegeneration - c function block
2. Ethercos

I try Ethercos and it works good with the blocks defined.

If I want to create a scicos block starting from the xml file of the 
AX5101 drive
is so difficult? What are the steps?

Because I find this work:


In practice allow to create a .sci file (and so a .cos file) starting 
from a xml file.

But If I understand I have to create a xml file defined with a certain 
parameters. So I'm not sure that works.

But IMHO the best solution is the first because the drive have to be 
configured (and in some case cyclicaly).


simone monteleone

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