[etherlab-users] Created scicoslab block

simone monteleone simone.monteleone at alice.it
Fri Jan 28 13:08:03 CET 2011

Hi Andreas,

I think explain not so good my goal.

I write a C application (ethercat.c) that read the position of the motor 
and send a velocity command.
In this application I use a RTAI contest for the cyclic task.

Now I wanted to realize a scicos block where in output I have the 
position of the motor and like input the velocity command.

I'm using scicoslab in RTAI contest and I have three ways to procede.

1. I try to use the C scicos (where put ethercat.c) block but when it 
ask me some lib don't work.

2. Another idea that I have is run ethercat.c and export the data in 
scicoslab. At this moment I use a fprintf to write the position of the 
motor on a file and read it from scicoslab. But it is a very bad 
solution cause fprintf (or use a printf to shell) in rtai contest.

3. In the end I know that is possible create a custom scicos block, 
writing an interfacing function (.sci file) and an implementation 
function (.c or .sci file). But I don't understand if my ethercat.c have 
to become the implementation function or I have to realize the two 
function (implementation and interfacing) and run ethercat.c.

Very greatings

simone monteleone

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