[etherlab-users] install on non-PC

Jeff Krasky jeff.krasky at dspcg.com
Tue Nov 1 20:09:15 CET 2011



I'm looking for comments about installing EtherCAT on a proprietary board
that has its own, non-x86, processor on it.  Linux is currently installed
and running on this board.  Here is what I am trying to work out:


1) Currently there is no compiler on the board.  There is a program on
another machine here that does the building of executable code for Linux and
this processor.  So I build code on that machine, then I transfer it to the
board via a secure copy program.


2) I don't think I can build EtherCAT this way.  The build machine is
Windows to begin with, and even if I managed to compile everything, the
default scripts wouldn't work - they'd want to install on the machine they
are running on, the paths wouldn't be correct, etc.


3) EtherCAT has been installed on a different Linux x86 machine here and a
sample program appears to be running fine.  So is it possible I can just
compile a bunch of source modules separately and then transfer them to the
Linux board and run them?  Basically, can I just build each compiled
component on its own and then put it in the proper place on the Linux board?
Or will I have to modify install scripts and such?


Thanks for any feedback,






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